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Friday, July 12, 2002

Special Prosecutor NOW

You can always count on Molly Ivins to give the straight scoop when it comes to Dubya. (I like the bit about New Orleans toward the end, too.) It seems like some papers are starting to pick up on the insider trading angle of the story, too. Like, how is it that a stock that was basically illiquid, trading only a few thousand shares a day, could be snapped up? Well, it seems there was an anonymous buyer who just happened to want shares of a stock that would drop to a third of the sales price within a week. Seems fishy to me, but apparently it didn't to the SEC at at time, which coincidentally had its head appointed by Dubya's father, and has as its General Counsel a man who had been Dubya's personal lawyer and who negotiated the sale of the Texas Rangers to a group including Dubya. That was a deal the sale of the Harken stock was supposed to pay off loans for.

I don't believe the Resident can deal with this crisis in the market, given all the baggage he brings to the table. I just can't take seriously a suggestion that corporate officers take personal responsibility for the financial reports of their companies when it comes from a man who blames everyone he can think of for the fact that he blew off the SEC for nine months on a matter it was clearly his responsibility to take care of. I think it's a good time to get out of stocks and into bonds, because I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg on exposure of corporate malfeeance (as the Resident would say). And if Congress could spend seven years investigating whether Bill Clinton got blown in the White House, I think they damned well ought to start investigating whether Dubya broke the law. And I haven't even mentioned Dick Cheney....

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Good post. It's apparent that Bush is clueless about anything to do with this country's economy. And it amazes me that he had the audacity to talk about corporate loans after being the recipient of one.

The economy has gone steadily downhill since Bush moved to Pennsylvania Ave. I'm sure there would be a line of folks willing to give Clinton a blowjob if we could regain the financial prosperity experienced in his administration.

How high is the deficit going to be this year? Perhaps we should get another slanted tax break so the rich can get more money back and we can see how high our credit limit can go before they revoke the card...

Posted by BlueWolf at 12:43 AM, July 13, 2002 [Link]


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