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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Pump and dump

I hadn't had time, given all the wedding-related stuff I've been doing lately, to play with the latest fad in Blogistan, Blogshares, but yesterday after finishing yet another project and having some time on my hands for a change, I registered and claimed my blog. Interesting project. I bought some shares in some blogs I read regularly, and took a speculative flyer on one or two that I thought might go up in the near future.

Meanwhile, I noticed Mark Pilgrim's post about how he had dumped a ton of shares in Dive Into Mark recently after hitting both Daypop and Blogdex (scroll down to the paragraph that begins "Sell sell sell!") and made a ton of money.

Putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 4,000, lying in bed this morning I wondered when we'll see the first pump-and-dump scam on Blogshares. How would you do that? "Pssst! There Is No Cat is an up-and-coming blog with witty commentary and Doc Searls has plans to add it to his blogroll soon; its share price is going up." Maybe not. "Hey, There Is No Cat is about to change its name to There Is Some Pussy and become a sexblog. Imagine Oliver Willis except the pictures won't be that lame cheesecake stuff. Hits are going to go through the roof!" Closer, perhaps. "We bet you missed out on the recent IPO of There Is No Cat. TINC's market cap recently jumped 500%, proving that timing is everything in the micro-cap blogstock market. The market for blogs is highly unstable right now, and our ability to ferret out volatile blogs like TINC provides just the edge you need!" Could be....

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