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Friday, July 4, 2003

Anger is an energy

There's an interesting article in this weekend's The New York Times Magazine contrasting the timidity of Democrats with the wild-eyed radical activism of Republicans. It describes a number of instances when the Democrats have rolled over and played dead, in contrast to Republican, who have no shame, then adds this tidbit:

The Democrats are essentially devoted to tempering the harm caused by the Bush administration, which is not much of an agenda at all, though it certainly makes a virtue of moderation. Ruthlessness is just not in the party's DNA.

See, this is why I think someone like Howard Dean is so important. So many of the other Democrats are just Bush's lapdogs. Dean isn't like that. He's willing to call a spade a spade. If Bush does something that's appalling, Dean is appalled, and makes sure we know that he's appalled, why he is, and what he's going to do about it when he trounces that S.O.B. next year. He actually provides an alternative to the wing nut pretenders who stole into the White House in 2000, not an echo.

Even if Dean fades and doesn't win the nomination, I think that his message will influence whoever does win to take Bush on head-to-head rather than continue with the milquetoast bull that's done America absolutely no good so far. And, contrary to the pundits who think that Dean is too prickly to win, I think that providing a clear alternative to Bush is the only way to win.

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