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Saturday, September 6, 2003

Big move

Regular visitors may have noticed a decrease in the number of postings here recently. Nothing bad going on, I'm not getting tired of the blog or anything, it's just that life has been incredibly busy lately. My lovely wife and I are buying a house. In fact, we're not buying just any house; we're buying my parents' house, a house my family moved into when I was 14 and which I lived in until I was in my early 30s. Dad got a job in Florida, so this beautiful cedar-sided ranch on two acres with a creek in the back yard became available just as our lease was running out, and for a great price at a time when interest rates are at historic lows. Yeah, I've been holding out, not mentioning anything here until now although we've been working on this for a couple of months already, because we hadn't informed the landlord on our current place. But now we have, the mortgage application is in, lawyers have been hired, offers made and accepted, and lots of stuff thrown out or placed in boxes. Moving date is in about three weeks, and we have a ton of stuff to do between now and then. This weekend, for example, we have to whip the current house into decent enough shape for the landlord to start showing it to prospective renters. We've been packing for weeks already, and have taken our near-empty rented storage area and damned near filled it, but when I look around the house at this point, all I see is more stuff to be packed or tossed, and very little time left in which to do it. Not to mention all the legal and financial stuff. Hopefully, this is the last time we'll do this for a very long time.

So anyway, that's an explanation of why things have dropped off a bit lately, and of why they're likely to drop off even more in the next few weeks. I know that it's possible to write about packing and moving and be entertaining, but I suspect I won't have much time to do that. This has really been an amazing year. I started 2003 single, more-or-less unemployed, and a renter, and I'll end it married, working, and a homeowner. Yay me!

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Yay you!! Well done on the house purchase and good luck with the move! I know *just* how much work all that packing really is. All those boxes... and then all that unpacking... My mind boggles just thinking about it.

Course, I'm hoping to be doing all this all over again soon, but in the other direction (away from said parents, bless 'em). I wish I was buying a place and moving for once and for all (where 'all' = some value greater than a few months but less than eternity), but I'll have to make do with renting again.

Hope the move goes smoothly and painlessly for you.

Posted by Suw at 5:57 PM, September 8, 2003 [Link]


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