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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Domain Registry of America are scum sucking leeches

If you're looking for a company to register a domain through, you would do well to avoid an outfit called Domain Registry of America. I just got a call from a client I had put a web site together for last year. She makes wonderful wedding cakes, and we had worked out a deal with her last year where I built her a small web site using a free hosting deal she had through and she gave us a significant discount on our wedding cake. Well, the bastards at Domain Registry of America, who seem to specialize in preying on the unsuspecting and unknowing, had sent my client mail that looked like a bill telling her that she needed to renew her domain name. What they didn't tell her was that they weren't her original registrar and that if she registered through them, she wouldn't get the benefits she got from her previous registrar, meaning they didn't mention that her web site would stop working because she was no longer registered through I've received any number of paper mailings from these pricks over the years for the domains I own, and they always go straight into the trash. But for someone who doesn't know better, I'm sure their alarming notice gets attention. My client described what they did as fraud, and having read their notices in the past, I can't disagree. Looks like others have had the same experience, and even won a court case against them for domain slamming like this. In my opinion, they are low-life scum sucking leeches who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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We get their postal mail here, as well. The business office doesn't understand "domain registration" so they route it to me, and I round-file it. If it came via email, I would tag it spam and refuse connections from them.

One of the many little things you learn in order to function safely on the internet. It's a wonder newbies survive at all. Goddamn parasites.

Posted by pjm at 9:27 AM, May 28, 2004 [Link]

I received the same type of message a few months ago. I smelled a rat and asked my web hosting provider about it. Bastards.

Posted by Mike at 9:19 AM, June 1, 2004 [Link]

one of my associates fell for the scam and paid droa. Now we are getting a bill from as well.

so apparently droa just stole the money, and we still owe the regular fee.

Posted by gg at 4:12 PM, June 25, 2004 [Link]


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