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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Dead Texans for Truth

Susan Estrich, one-time political operative running the Dukakis campaign, now token liberal on Faux News, may have a bit more moxie than she's given credit for. In her syndicated column, she notes that Democrats fed up with the Swift Boat Vets for Lies are preparing to go nucular against Bush with similar tactics.

She suggests, among other things, Dead Texans for Truth, highlighting Texans who weren't connected enough to get into a champagne unit of the National Guard but instead went to Vietnam and fought in died in Bush's place. The National Archives just happens to list Texans who died in Vietnam.

For example:

Marine Corporal Samuel Reyna of Corpus Christi, born on July 6, 1946, went to Vietnam. He died there on April 20, 1968. George W. Bush was also born on July 6, 1946. He did not go to Vietnam; he went to Alabama instead. We honor Corporal Reyna's service.

Marine Staff Sargeant Kendell Dwayne Cutbirth of Midland, Texas, went to Vietnam. He died there on February 25, 1967. George W. Bush of Midland, Texas did not go to Vietnam. He flew planes over Texas until he skipped his flight physical. We honor Staff Sergeant Cutbirth's service. (There are 15 other soldiers from Midland on the list. You get the idea.)

I note that the domains "" and "" are still available. Yes, it would be tasteless. I'm not going to set up the site. Feel free to use the idea.

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