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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Mundanity of Evil

I found nothing to disagree with this posting about Evil Doings for Dummies. 25 years ago, when my parents bought the house I'm living in, the living room and dining room had this awful dingy stained white flocked wallpaper on the walls. My parents, understandably, didn't want to keep it. And that's when we discovered that the former owners of the house didn't bother to size the walls before gluing that fugly wallpaper. My Dad, being no dummy, gave me the job of patching and sanding the walls. Masks apparently hadn't been invented yet back then, so I didn't wear one. I sneezed white for three days after sanding down those two rooms. And yes, the former owners of the house, the ones who put up that wallpaper, hold a special place in my personal list of those destined for punishment in the afterlife.

There is one wall left in this house, which I now own with my wife, that has wallpaper orignally installed by those owners. And knowing what I know, I've found another solution.


Damned if I'm going through that again. Once we get the floor refinished in that room, the ugliest wallpaper in the world is going to disappear behind paneling. Hopefully no future owner of this house will ever discover it and get trapped into the evil that is wallpaper glued to unsized drywall. (Found via Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent.)

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Which wallpaper/room would that be, if I may ask? I'm trying to remember where it could possibly be and I'm coming up blank, because the only wallpaper I'm remembering is wallpaper that Mom and Dad put up (the hallway, and the kitchen).

Posted by sis at 12:04 AM, November 13, 2004 [Link]

There is one wall in the back room that's got this awful textured brown wallpaper on it that I've always hated. That's the wall that's getting covered with paneling. And then the paneling, which will hopefully be recycled from the family room, will be covered with bookshelves so you can't even see the paneling.

That's the idea, anyway. This remodeling stuff seems to take me longer than my brain thinks it should....

I like the wallpaper in the hallway. The kitchen, well, it was nice in its time. Its time is past, and it will eventually go. But the kitchen will probably be the last room we re-do.

Posted by ralph at 12:13 AM, November 13, 2004 [Link]

We have become convinced that there is an evil group of people who do nothing else but install ugly wallpaper in houses to torment future residents.

Posted by markj at 11:21 AM, November 28, 2004 [Link]

That old wallpaper might be "retro-chic" now. Please post a pic so we can all check it out.

Posted by BobVilla at 9:12 PM, December 3, 2004 [Link]


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