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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Popular Guy

In the past 24 hours, I've been called by Senator Jon Corzine, Representative Rush Holt, and former President Bill Clinton. Damn, I'm a popular guy. (And while I was writing this, the head of my local Democratic party called; at least I was able to tell him that we already voted....)

I love voting. It always puts me in a good mood. I was practically skipping on the way back from the polls this morning. If you're in a place where there are elections today, don't forget to vote early and often.

Posted at 4:54 PM


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Yesterday, we got a call from John Kerry. Which is weird, because there aren't any partisan races to speak of here this time.

Of course, if I'd actually remembered to buy stamps sooner, then my vote would've gone out a couple of weeks ago. God bless all-mail voting. ;)

Posted by Elaine Nelson at 7:10 PM, November 8, 2005 [Link]

Yeah, I hear from John all the time. Me and him, we're like this. || I think he still isn't over last year and likes the company.

I've heard before that people in states where they do the vote-by-mail thing really like it, and I'm glad they have it, but I don't think I'd participate. I really enjoy the ritual of walking to the polling place and signing the book and closing the curtain in the booth and pulling the levers. If/when they finally ditch our obsolete voting booths and move to something more boring like optical scanning or electronic poker machines (will your vote count? or does the house win this time?), well, maybe I'll change my mind, but for now, I get great comfort out of the act. It feels more special for having to extend a bit of effort.

That's not to say I don't get frustrated later in the day some years, mind you (not this year, though....)

Posted by ralph at 7:17 AM, November 9, 2005 [Link]

Nobody called me, unfortunately, but I voted yesterday anyway. We had a single item to vote on in our rural North Carolina county: legalizing liquor by the drink! I knew we moved south for a reason, sixteen plus years ago.

The resolution passed by a wide majority. I'll have to celebrate with a rum drink in the Holiday Inn bar in Oxford, NC, once the new law takes effect.

Another stinging rebuke for the forces of evil, eh?

Posted by Jay Novello at 10:44 AM, November 9, 2005 [Link]


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