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Monday, March 13, 2006

And if you're a woman, try being reincarnated as a man

I'm holding off writing about any of the sessions at SXSW until I can digest my notes and all, but I'd just like to say that the hint that was the least helpful (and probably no less true for that) I heard from a panelist, who I will do the favor of not naming here, about how to raise ones profile online was to move to the Bay Area.

Sometimes the Interwebs feel like high school, and the rest of us just live on the wrong side of the tracks. I'm sure someone somewhere has done a Silicon Valley version of Saul Steinberg's "View of the World from 9th Avenue". Feh.


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Yup. Some folks seem to think that everything really hot is happening in Silicon Valley or thereabouts. I'm now reading a book about the 1906 SF earthquake that notes how the bay area has always had a very strong strain of boosterism, going so far as to essentially deny that the 06 quake really caused serious damage. The book also points out that the San Andreas fault is still overdue for a release of tension (apparently the 1989 quake didn't really do that). So I think I'll stay where I am, thank you.

Posted by markj at 1:19 PM, March 13, 2006 [Link]

Hey...I resemble that remark. ;)

In all fairness, though, the comment was 'tongue-in-cheek'...not meant to be tried at home...that sort of stuff. I still find it silly that 7 months ago, I had 5 readers (including my mom) and as soon as I moved to SF, I climbed to 1500 daily readers. I'm writing the same stuff...just different visibility from being in the 'scene'. It's more a comment on that.

Thanks for kicking my butt, though.

Posted by Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt at 2:17 PM, March 15, 2006 [Link]

Gee, and as a member of the male patriarchy, I expected that I was going to have to be the one getting my butt kicked, not the other way around. Go figure. (I think that's why I was a little disappointed with the panel; nobody's butts got kicked....)

If I was kicking, I thought it was a pretty gentle kick. I know a number of people were a bit more expressive with how offended they were. And note that I didn't say you were wrong; just that neither I nor my wife nor about 99.44% of humanity would likely be able to take your advice. :-)

Posted by ralph at 7:24 PM, March 15, 2006 [Link]


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